1 Hour of Topwater Action Followed by a Morning of Grind-It-Out

May 18 2023

John Shepard

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 36349
Property Name : Rock Chimney
Reservation Date : 05/17/2023 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 14 total; 50% at or near 14"; 50% larger up to 3.9#
Lures Used : topwater torpedo & popper, chatter bait, weightless fluke

Early morning topwater action was good.  First cast with a popper yielded a 2.5# bass which was followed by seven more in the next 70 minutes.  The largest of these was almost 4# and the average size was 2#.  There was little to no visible surface activity (occasional small swirls but nothing busting the surface) and all of the bass were caught over the outer weed line in 4-5 feet of water.  I didn’t get anything snug up against the bank.  The topwater bite ended and I circled the lake three times before noon without finding any concentration of fish.  I managed to catch six more on chatterbaits and flukes worked over weeds 10-20 feet from shore but the size wasn’t nearly as big as the early topwater bite.  My landing ratio also decreased as I lost nearly as many as I caught.  It was either operator error or they were just grabbing the trailer rather than the hook.

The lake is full and actively draining.  The shoreline margins were quite wet from storms the prior evening and there was abundant standing water and slick spots in driving areas.