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March 04 2020, 09:04 PM #1

Rudi Reetz


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Shallow water anchor option

I added this 10 foot "shallow water anchor" recently to my Bass Hunter and I am very pleased at how simple and effective an anchor this is.  It is a two piece fiberglass rod with metal point.  I believe it comes in an 8 foot version (which would be too short) and a 12 foot model.  I bought it through Walmart online for $75 because Cabelas/Bass Pro were on an extended back order.    My Bass Hunter has really nice heavy duty molded in handle pockets all the way around the boat which provide a super convenient way to drop anchor wherever you want.  I also created a simple removable bracket that stows the pole when out on the water.   I read alot of complaints about anchoring in club lakes during windy conditions and I will probably never use an anchor and rope again with this gem.                                                                              



March 09 2020, 04:26 PM #2

Steve Alexander


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Great idea. Does it float or do you have a rope tied to it to keep it with the boat? 

March 11 2020, 01:24 PM #3

David May

Slot Fish

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Is it your plan to use one "anchor pole" or two? If you used one, did you have any "pivoting" around the pole?

Dave May

March 11 2020, 03:53 PM #4

Rudi Reetz


Member Since : 2018
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Before I used it I had thought there may be a need for a second pole, but once I was on the water with it I will not get a second pole.  The pivoting you are asking about is minimal.  If you think about an anchor and a rope set-up you are 20 feet (?) away from the anchor and the anchor location is the pivot point so you can swing, or pivot 20-30 feet if the wind is strong and changing directions.  With the pole, your pivot point is at the boat so no big swings, maybe just a little rotation.  My boat also has those handle pockets all the way around the boat so you could throw it in what ever location you wanted depending on the wind.  If you really wanted to sit in one place then maybe two would be better, but I think it is not necessary.

In strong wind it was really easy to lift pole up....drift a few feet...drop pole

Steve--definitely does not float and I do not have a rope tied to it. When I am using it in the handle pocket (less than 10 foot deep water) you can't lose it. My brackets hold it firmly when I am not using it and I don't want the rope in the way.  I suppose in a kayak or maybe other situations a rope could save you from losing it.  I just checked the metal tip and collar and they are stainless steel so unfortunately no retrieving it with a magnet from lake.

March 11 2020, 04:00 PM #5

Rudi Reetz


Member Since : 2018
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One last thing, if you do get one of these, this brand has fine threads at the connection (like a pool stick) but the fine threads are easy to cross thread.  I was having problems with this initially, until I read the manufacturer's instructions (imagine that) which say to hold the poles VERTICAL when threading them together.  That way it goes together easily.

Worth every penny and should last forever.  I may even invest in the 12 foot version someday.  Remember: you need probably 2 feet above water plus the spike is going into the lake bottom some, so if you get an 8 foot pole it will only be good in 5 to 6 foot deep water max.

March 17 2020, 04:06 PM #6

John Shepard

Slot Fish

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I sometimes use a similar 9ft(?) pole with my kayak's adjustable anchoring system and I have it rigged with a very short piece of rope and a small float attached to the top.  Without a float it will sink and using it in a kayak is not without "oops" moments.  The float will keep it from sinking if I lose it overboard.  Not totally elegant but it works.


March 30 2020, 10:02 PM #7

Craig Awtrey


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I've been using a 9ft Superstick shallow water anchor pin for about two years. There are properties I won't bring it, either too deep overall, or rocky bottom which doesn't work well.

But for the most part, it's amazing. I used it as Spence lake the other day, and even with 20mph winds, it was holding just fine. Eventually it will work itself loose, but this one has a rubber cinch on the rope that will stay on the handle, so you start drifting and it drags right along.


April 04 2020, 08:25 PM #8

Bruce Kirby


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What is diameter of pole? I typically use boats that are on site, which have been typically Jon Boats... so would need it to fit through handles of boat  





April 12 2020, 06:49 PM #9

Rudi Reetz


Member Since : 2018
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The diameter is 3/4" so it should fit Jon Boats. 

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