New Properties - DFW Area

Jun 22 2022

Ryan Sipe


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New Properties - DFW Area

Just checking to see if there were any new DFW area properties in the works?  I know a few lakes fell off from last year and I have fished most within an hour of DFW, so hoping some are in the near future!  Either way, love the club as the beautiful places it has to offer.

Also, I know jon boats have been hard to find with supply chain challenges.  Any luck with purchasing some for a few of the new properties recently added?

Jun 24 2022

Steve Alexander


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Hi Ryan,

We are always in conversations with landowners in virtually all major markets. In some cases these negotations take up to 5 years, generally 3 months to a year to get the landowners on board. Currently, we are somewhere in the sales pipline with 14 potential landowners. 

I noticed you are from Colleville and there are 24 lakes within 60 miles of Colleyvill and 38 lakes within 90 miles of your zip code.  I think you may have a lot more “close” lakes than you do. 

As a point of reference we have added 42 new lakes in 2020 and 2021 and 8 new lakes so far in 2022. The availaiblity of lakes ot members is the best it has ever been in club history. The two hottest lakes in the club are Terrell and Emory and both were added in the last year.

We have not been able to locate jon boats for more than two years. However, last week we finally got a source for two new jon boats as they have been on back order for that long. We bought two new ones. (FYI, the same jon boat was $899 in 2020 is now $1550 in 2022)  There are about 10 lakes without them. Curious, which lake(s) would you recommend to get a boat?