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Mar 31 2022

Greg Breazeale


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New Member Advice


My boys and I just joined PWF. Can’t wait to get on the water. Got Twin Oaks booked for next week. Any suggestions? 

Also, we are in the Austin area. If we planned a 2-day trip further north, what would you guys recommend?

Thank you!



Apr 01 2022

Joshua Massoud


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Welcome to the club! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time with it. 

I guess it depends on how far North you want to go.  

I have a spreadsheet of all my trips here: that might be of some help.  Keep in mind time of year/air pressure, etc when looking at the sheet as conditions are variable and I fish on alot of ‘suboptimal’ days. 

Maybe if you provided some specifics about what you are looking for in a lake (size, cover type, boat availability, etc), some of the members can provide some input.  I have heard that Lee Lake is great and has some good fish and that isn’t too too far from you. 



Apr 03 2022

Jason Owens


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If you plan on using club boats and bringing your own trolling motor/battery I would look at some fishing reports and try to find a low cost lake that has good numbers.  At least until you get the hang of everything and know your gear is up to the task.  You would hate to spend $150 on a premium lake just to have an issue with a trolling motor or something and not be able to take full advantage.  It might not be in the direction you plan on traveling, but Hill Country Ranch in Tarpley is one of my favorites for short outings.  For me, its always good for a bunch of culls and at least 1 over 5lbs.  Hickory Creek Ranch in Crockett is another good value.  But there's a bunch of lakes I haven't been to yet.  

Also, if you are doing a multi day trip, do a little research on the towns and areas around the lakes you are planning to visit.  I have found a bunch of great food and fun activities in towns I would have had no reason to visit if not for Private Water Fishing.  I usually have no trouble convincing my wife to let me go on a fishing trip if I can find a lake close to something she might like.  She is especially fond of visiting Kerrville and Fredericksburg while my son and I fish the San Antonio area lakes.