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Greg Zimmerman


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LunkersTV - Indian Cave La Roca Range

I recently saw a YouTube video by LunkersTV and LFG posted on 11/28 that I recognized as being filmed at Indian Cave La Roca Range.  Looks like they had great success with square bills and it was a nice showcase of what this lake has to offer.  The last five minutes of the video, however, was them having serious challenges getting their 21 foot bass boat out of the lake with a two-wheel drive truck.  They did eventually get the boat out but I suspect not without some damage to the fiberglass boat from the flying rocks and debris from the spinning tires.  The boat ramp is improved and in excellent condition, albeit with a loose rock surface and a bit steep, so I would guess no issue for a four-wheel drive vehicle.

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Jason Owens


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Are either of those guys members?  Or did they get access from the landowners?  Because I see the PWF page for that property says no trailers, hand launch only.  

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Steve Alexander


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The entire Googan Squad are paying members. in fact, likely 10% or more of Lunkers TV's fishing videos are shot on PWF properties. I think he shot about 20 videos on our lakes this year. Currently, we receive no promotional benefits from the videos. They pay their membership dues and daily fees like all our members. 

The boat ramp was just put in this week. I think they were the first boat to use it. With a 21 foot fiberglass boat on a rock ramp, they needed 4WD. We will amend the description page to include a boat ramp.


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Brian Akers


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I've noticed there is no measurement on fish caught or culls.