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William Butler


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MK Ranch, Athens

Solid Lake in the Sun

I had to be in Tyler this morning for work, so I booked MK Ranch for the afternoon.  I did get a chance to try Whataburger.  I've been meaning to try it since I moved here and finally had the chance.  Decent burger, but not life changing.  If you have a good burger joint in Dallas, feel free to let me know of a good spot.

As for fishing, it was really good.  I took my kayak with my Lowrance fish finder.  I located fish in the middle of the lake around the standing timber and one laid over branch.  I tried senkos and black lizards with no luck.  I put a little Liquid Mayhem on them and still nothing.  I finally went to a Strike King KVD chartreuse crankbait that dove around 5 feet.  They hit it all day.  All but two were above the cull mark.  Late in the day, I moved to the side opposite of the lake from the house and cast toward the levee.  I got crushed and I was sure I had just set the hook on my personal best.  My Duckett 7'11" rod was bent over and the fight was on.  I stood up in my kayak and finally got the fish to the kayak.  To my surprise, two 3-4 lb fish hit my crankbait.  One had the front treble hook and the other had the back.  I wish I had a GoPro, because it was awesome.  Combined, they were above my personal best or right on it, but I suppose that's not how the PB works.  It was a blast.  

I hit the road around 6, but would have stayed until dark if I wasn't heading out to 9G Sunday.

MK is a great lake and I'll be back.  Thanks to the property owner for letting us fish it.


Posted By: William Butler

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Dale Pybus


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give Twisted Root Burger a try, it's one of my favorites. yes


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William Butler


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Dale, I've heard good things about that joint.  I'll give it a try!  Thanks for the recommendation.


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Daniel Pendarvis


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I can second Twisted Root - and they have locations all over the place now.  There are also a lot of other good options (depending on where exactly in DFW you are):

Kenny's Burger Joint (two locations in Fisco/Plano);

Hopdoddy (about a dozen locations around DFW);

Liberty Burger (several locations north of Dallas);

Rodeo Goat (two locations, Dallas & FW);

Love Shack (FW)

The local papers/magazine also have good lists you can find via google (search for best burger dfw), but they do tend to focus more on downtown Dallas and skip the good burbs options like Kenny's.