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Leonard, Black Hat

Dallas/ Fort Worth Area


  • General Availability
    This site is available year round.
  • Lake Size
    21 Acres
  • Bank Fishing
    Bank fishing is available.
  • Tent Camping
    Tent camping is not available.
  • Boat Availability
    2 man plastic boat
  • Boat Launch
    Concrete Boat Launch
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Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket.

MANDATORY!!! Remove all bass 14" and under at this site. Report the total number of each species removed, back to the club office through the online reservation system after your outing.

Active Cattle/Deer Ranch close all gates behind you.

***Store the boat the way it is at arrival - Clips attach to catty corners***

***Remove ALL catfish***
!!!!!!April 2020 update. The brand new boat has a broken seat. Please note that the boat has only one seat.
We are working to get it replaced. We will remove this update when the seat has been repaired. !!!!!!!

This 21-acre lake is part of the 1100 acre ranch which is just 20 miles NE of McKinney or just 3 miles west of downtown Leonard. This is one of the many soil conservation lakes built in 1960's. But, its history makes it unique and really one of a kind. The owner who had the ranch from the early 80's to the late 2000's was obsessed with growing big bass. He built 12 interconnecting nursery ponds with an elaborate pipe and valve system that were designed to keep the lake full of bluegill, red ear sunfish, and Tilapia. In the winter he moved a population of Tilapia indoors to overwinter them in 1000 gallon plus tanks. These heroic efforts produced hundreds of thousands of forage fish for not only his lake but for dozens of other private lakes in the area.

Today's lake has a population of extremely healthy bass. The fish health (their length compared to their weight) make these fish some of the most chunky bass of any club lake. The north end of the lake has 2 islands and is full of lily pads. In the winter and spring when the pads are dormant or just starting to emerge and the lake is full you can bet these islands and the channel that goes right between them will hold bass. Most of the lake is about 7 to 8 feet deep when the lake is full. There are a few pockets of 12 to 14-foot water and the upper 1/3 of the lake is 6 feet or less. There are several rocky points that were added after the lake was built and should hold fish. There is a large catfish population which keeps the lake turbid and you will find the water clarity less than 18 inches most of the year. The lake has a large boat house with electricity and water that can house 4 boats and is a perfect place to sit on the picnic table and fish for some of the catfish or have your children or grandchildren fish for bass and bluegill right off the boat house.

There is concrete boat ramp that can support large fiberglass boats.

MANDATORY!!! Remove all bass 14" and under at this site. Report the total number of each species removed, back to the club office through the online reservation system after your outing.

General Directions

1 hour NNE of downtown Dallas 20 minutes NE of Mckinney

Fishing Report

Leonard Black Hat Is Back

Steve Alexander on Mar 28 ,2020

We are pleased to announce Leonard Black Hat is back in the club. The lake was out of the club as the owner built a high fence ranch and added a few exotics and beautiful whitetail. Last week an Electrofish survey…

Black Hat, Muddy water

Danny Renfro on Mar 14 ,2020

Reservation Number : 23341 Property Name : Black Hat Reservation Date : 03/14/2020 All Day - Total Fish/Sizes : 5/2.5-4.5lbs Lures Used : Swim Jig/T rig Z craw Fished Black Hat, 3/14 from 9AM-1PM. Caught 5 fish up to 4.5lbs.…

Black wacky at Black Hat

David May on Mar 12 ,2020

Reservation Number : 23232 Property Name : Black Hat Reservation Date : 03/11/2020 PM - Total Fish/Sizes : 4 Lures Used : Wacky worm I had a chance to fish Black Hat for the first time Wednesday afternoon. I fished…

  • Day Rate$100.00
  • Half-Day Rate$75.00
  • Under Twelve RateNo Charge
  • Youth (13-17) Day Rate$50.00
  • Youth (13-17) Half-Day Rate$40.00
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