New Property Decatur - Bedrock Ranch: Waterboo Lake

Private Water Fishing is excited to announce a new property, Waterboo Lake in Decatur, Texas! You can be at the gate from downtown Dallas, in 1 hr. 15 min., or from downtown Fort Worth, you can make the drive in 1 hr. or less.

This 10 acre lake is nestled in an isolated valley of a small mountain. There is a long arm that runs several hundred feet into the mouth of two dry creeks. A new 12 ft. Tracker Topper 1236 aluminum jon boat has been added as well. A new 12 ft. Tracker Topper 1236 aluminum jon boat is available for member use.

You will need a small SUV or something with more than a car height clearance to navigate a usually dry stream bed during your 2.7 mile drive to the lake.

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