PWF Big Bass Tournament 2017

PWF Big Bass Tournament 2017 is Underway!

Spring is drawing near, and that means it is time for the PWF Big Bass Tournament to begin! Each year we have several fish that would place in the money caught by members who did not enter the tournament, so make sure you don't miss out this year! Please let us know by phone or email if you would like to enter.

This year's first place winner will be paid $500. Second place pays $250, and third place pays $100. The contest is based on length (longest fish wins), so please have a measuring stick ready for when you land the big one! Each year we have a unique identifier that must be included in any submitted picture. This year's identifier is a jig or chatterbait.

Mike Svoboda took home the win, and $500 cash, with a 26.50" (12 lbs 12 oz) giant! Congrats again to Mike!

Competition was stiff in last year's tournament, with the top three fish all measuring over 24.5" and tipping the scales at over 10 lbs. Register today for a chance to claim your spot among the 2017 winners!

Please see the rule list below for details on how to enter the contest and submit your fish.
This year's rules are as follows:

General Rules:

- Contest starts January 16th, 2017 and ends May 31st 2017.

- Entry is a one time fee per person of $25 each.

- All club lakes qualify. (Fish caught in lakes outside the club do not qualify)

- In the event of a tie, the person who paid their entry fee first wins.


- A picture of the fish on a "Check-It Stik" or similar must be submitted. (Do not use a ruler, tape measure etc..).

- Picture must be submitted by email within 72 hours of your trip.

- Pictures must include this year's unique identifier (this year it is a jig or chatterbait).

- Please send a second picture of you holding the fish and let us know how much it weighed. This is not required, just a nice thing to do.


- The mouth of the fish must be completely closed and pushed all the way up against the vertical piece at the end of your measuring stick. Do not pinch the tail.

- Measure to the closest ¼ inch.


Please contact the club office by email or by phone to enter this year's contest.

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