Cold n windy, fish were active

Feb 07 2021

John Freeman


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Reservation Number : 27096
Property Name : Boren Lake
Reservation Date : 02/06/2021 All Day - 02/06/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 14 total/7 culled
Lures Used : Plastics, jigs w/trailer, crank bait got a couple

Blow wind blow as my dad would say in a day like this. Scott Wheeler joined me for the day. On water at daybreak. Wind from the south 10-15 and not too too cold. Fish were active but not holding in to plastics/jigs very well, had to let them run. I bet we missed a dozen or more. One lost fish was only took the tip of tail as it was yanked from him. Water very clear as well. For a hour and a half wind layer. We knew it was changing to the north. We called it at 2. Good day though. 44 degrees when we left. For the perch catchers the ones there are good n healthy and fairly big -for perch. I had one follow a small crank bait up to the boat and it could have gotten it’s mouth around it (and it wasn’t a pumkinseed perch that has a larger mouth). Will definitely go catch a few later this year on my ultra light and may even break out the fly rod!

Noticed I had to rotate one of my pics, sorry about that. I do want to mention that Boren Lake Big Bass of the week goes to the otters. Saw a good sized fish head with the tail gone and no meat on her bones on the dock walkway, Gary the owner said the otters got her. Looked to be a 5-6 lb fish.