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Mar 18 2020 #1

Steve Alexander


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San Saba, Castroville, and Giddings aquatic vegetation update March 2020

These three properties have completed a 3 stage aquatic vegetation sprayings for the past 45 days. The cost of the sprayings exceeded $15,000 and represents a substantial investment by these 3 landowners. American Sportfish from Alabama, PWF and the landowner worked in conjunction to make this happen. In all 3 cases Grass Carp have been added or will be added by June 1. The goal is not to completely eradicate the vegetation, but rather keep it manageable. We are in great hopes that these three sprayings coupled with the grass carp will do the trick. We are pleased to have partnered with American Sportfish and these landowners to keep their lakes great. We hope you will rewarded with excellent fishing year round. Please do your part to support these lakes, by booking trips to these 3 great lakes.


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