Feb 04 2019 #1

David May


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Black Hat, Leonard

Beautiful day on Black Hat

Reservation Number : 20221
Property Name : Black Hat
Reservation Date : 02/04/2019 PM - 02/04/2019 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : 9
Lures Used : crankbait, chatter bait, T-rig worm, T- craw. Jig and craw, spinnerbait, buzz bait, underspin,


Tom Dillon and I fished Black Hat in the afternoon. 9 fish landed and returned, all healthy and fat. Square bill crankbait green over white and white chatterbait worked. Nothing else did. 

The particulars;

Air temp 70-75, water temp 55-57. Sunny day, 10-13 mph SSW wind until dusk. Water clear with greenish tinge, visibility 6-8 feet. Vegetation abundant in 6-8 feet of water or less, non-emergent at this time. Lake is full; PVC marking brush piles a foot under water. 

Started at the boat house and worked our way south to the point and the dam. No strikes at all fishing both deep and shallow. Drifted down the eastern bank with no success.  Moved to the shallows on the north end and began to get multiple strikes on both a square bill crank bait green over white and a white chatterbait. We caught all nine fish between 3:47 and 5 pm, the last in the shallow rip rap on the point back at the south end of the lake as we were headed home. 

What worked: crank bait and chatter bait in the shallow water 4-5 feet deep, above vegetation

What did not work: buzzbait, underspin w paddletail, spinnerbait, T-rigged worm or craw, Jig craw, brushtail jig, jerk bait, 

As always, however, a fabulous day on a beautiful PWF property. 

Feb 06 2019 #2

Tom Dillon


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An excellent and informative report, but not quite complete. What Dave left out was that we were fishing from my little 8-foot pond boat, and that he "backseated me," boating 8 bass to my one. He totally "whupped up on me," but that's all part of bass fishing. Some other lures that didn't work for me were an A-rig, Shad rap, hair jig and pig, neko-rigged craw, swim bait, Arashi lipless crankbait, Shad Rap, and green/white chatterbait. All-in-all, it was still a beautiful day, an enjoyable PWF afternoon, the best fishing partner possible, and ended with a beautiful sunset.