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Bob Scheidemann

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San Jacinto Bend, Conroe

A Late Fall Afternoon Session at San Jacinto Bend – 11/17/18

Tried to sneak out between fronts for a nice afternoon of fishing before old man winter really hits Houston. Arrived just before noon with two guests at this new property and found a long linear lake with wide sandy banks surrounded by numerous trees. Rigged up the property’s brand new 12’ jon boat and got ready to have a great afternoon. Slightly overcast skies, light breeze with the air temp warming into the low 70”s, water temp a cool 59F with up to 3ft of clarity (limited light weed growth locally fringing portions of the shoreline and occasional clumps of submerged dying algae near the west end of the tank). Note that the eastern portion of the lake contains a trough that parallels the bank that ranges up to 15ft deep.

In spite of our best efforts, fishing was sporadic. We covered the entire tank, two fished the entire circumference of the reservoir from the bank and one fished from the boat. We threw everything at them throughout afternoon. Saw lots of suspended fish (3-8ft) on the Humminbird just off the channel margins in the middle of the lake but no takers (tried mid diving cranks, shallow cranks, lipless, jerks, chatter, spinners and swimbaits) with no success. Between the three of us we caught 9 LMB and 3 catfish with all of the fish caught casting from the bank. Terry had the most success (6 LMB and the three cats) catching all of his fish using a t-rigged 3” white curly tail grub. Most of the strikes occurred within 5-10’ of the bank. Most of the fish weighed between 1 – 1.5lbs with the large one of the day measuring in at ~14-15”.

Enjoyed meeting one of the owners and her son as the day was coming to a close. We thanked them for allowing us to fish this property. During our chat the son shared that he had caught a 5lber in this lake earlier this year. I told them that I would be back early next spring to give it another go!

By the way they highly recommended two food joints near the property: Vernon’s BBQ and also Vernon’s Catfish Shack.

Enjoy the holidays! Till next time!