Nov 05 2018 #1

Steve Carpenter

Slot Fish

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Bridle Oaks Ranch, Bartlett


Reservation Number : 19787
Property Name : Bridle Oaks Ranch
Reservation Date : 11/05/2018 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 20to 3lbs
Lures Used : TR senkos, buzz bqit,crankbait

Fished for about 6 hours today. Lake is full and clear and was 65 degrees. Wind was pretty stiff. No pattern today. Caught most fish on watermelon/ red flake stick bait. Several others on buzz bait for a total of 20 with 5 culls. Most were 1 to 2 lbs. one 3 lbs. Fish seemed lighter than last year and didn't fight as hard as I remembered. Nice to be back on the water. Very light hits. Lake is over flow level