• Day Rate$175.00
  • Under Twelve Rate$175.00
  • Youth (13-17) Day Rate$175.00

  • MANDATORY!!! Remove all bass 16" and under at this site. Report the total number of each species removed, back to the club office through the online reservation system after your outing.

    There is a 2 adult minimum to fish this site. No 1/2 day reservations are allowed.

    24-hour advanced notice is required to fish this site.

  • This is rattlesnake country with lots of rocks in and around the lake.

Santo - Indian Cave: La Roca Range

Just 55 miles west of Fort Worth sits one of the finest properties we have seen. This property has 2 lakes for our members to fish. The larger 31 acre lake has depths to 56 feet with water as deep as 40 feet just 20 feet off shore. The lake was raised in 2014 creating timber every where making every tree in the lake look it holds your personal best. The back half of the lake is long and narrow creating lots of shoreline; making it big enough that you can't possible fish the entire lake slowly in a single day. The lake boasts large boulders, cliffs and yes, under water caves. It is unlike any lake in the club. It is a true find and one you will love to fish over and over.

The lake has been stocked with Bluegill, Red Ear Sunfish and threadfin shad. Private Water Fishing had 2 people fish the lake for 2.5 hours, catching more than 50 bass in just 2.5 hours. Most were 1.5 lbs and smaller, but several fish over 4 lbs were caught and a big one was lost at the boat.

A mini pontoon boat is provided. The boat has one seat in the front and a bench seat for the trolling motor driver in the back. You will need to bring your own trolling motor and batteries. There is a 2 adult minimum and no 1/2 day reservations allowed. You must book a full day, even if you plan to fish a few hours. A Taco Casa, Subway and Dairy Queen are less than 3 miles east of the property.

There are two entrance gates at the front of the ranch at the service road. Our gate is the double gate to the left of the main gate. There is a key pad to open but requires manual opening and closing. You must get out of your vehicle to use the key pad (remember your gate is the double gate, not the single gate with a key pad). The key pad is just below the PWF sign and does not face outward. The gate does not automatically open, the key pad electronically opens the lock and you must pull up the two metal posts that are touching the ground and push the gate open. It is a bit tricky, but will open, you can hear the lock click when you put in the combination. When you have unlocked, pull your vehicle through and close the gate behind you making sure it has locked. It locks automatically when the gate is closed properly.



General Availability :
Year Round
Lake Size :
31-60 acres
Bank Fishing :
Bank fishing is not available.
Tent Camping :
Tent camping is not available.
Boat Availability :
Mini Pontoon boat without trolling motor and battery
Boat Launch :
Hand launching only. No trailers allowed in water.

Location Map


Less than 1 hours west of downtown Ft. Worth. 1.5 hours west of downtown Dallas Less than 3 hours north of Austin Less than 3.5 hours east of Midland


There is an all weather road all the way to the lake.