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Scott Porto


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Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes, Crockett

2-28-19 - Cold, windy & Rainy morining

Reservation Number : 20388
Property Name : Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes
Reservation Date : 02/28/2019 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 10
Lures Used : Variety of lures

I arrived at daybreak, excited to get started on my first trip of the year. Exiting the vehicle I realized it might be a tad bit colder than what I thought it was going to be when I left Houston at 4:30am. It was 39 degrees with a wind chill of 31 when I stepped out of the truck. The wind was blowing from the north @ 10+ mph. Oh did I mention it was raining also??? None the less I loaded up the boat and hit the water. I fished one round of the lake and during that time my hands had become numb and I was about frozen. During my trip around the lake in the boat I was able to boat 7 fish, all under 14". I warmed up a little in the truck and then decided to walk the bank and caught 3 more. I tried jerk baits, spinning baits, crank baits and plastics. Spinning bait generated most of the action. I decided to go to the back lake and see if I could get out of the wind there and try catch a few quality fish back there. I loaded up the truck and began the short drive to the back lake. I came to the first gate (that is usually open) and it was closed (not locked) but the bigger issue was the mud and the ruts in the roadway. I decided today was not the day I wanted to get stuck (even though I have a 4wd) so I elected to not go to the back lake and call it a day. I love this property, but today the cold, windy, rainy weather was more than I could take. There is always next time!!